How We Work

Our proven process

Through years of experience in working closely with clients, we have refined a process for engagement that has proven to be quite successful. Our process ensures every step of work is completed according to your specifications, which not only ensures for a successful final product, but one that is aligned to your goals, vision, and budget.

Consultation and Planning

This initial phase, which starts with you, establishes the ultimate goals of the project and the steps that will be accomplished to achieve those goals. We will consult with you as necessary to ensure that we understand your vision and objectives, and we will devise a strategy for achieving those objectives. Once consultation and planning have been completed we will provide you with a comprehensive quote, with the total scope of work broken down into separate steps, or items, and each item priced individually for your review. If you decide to accept the quote, we continue with the following phases.

Stepwise Work Progression

For each step of the scope of work, we complete all of the work required for that specific step. Throughout this phase of work for each step, we will be in regular communication with you, keeping you informed as work is accomplished, or in the event that any unforeseen complications occur.

Stepwise Work Review and Repair

For each step completed of the scope of work, we will let you know of its completion, provide you with some means for reviewing the completed work, and ask that you let us know whether you approve of the completed work, or if corrections need to be made. If anything needs to be corrected, we will correct the work and restart this phase with the corrected work until you are happy with the completed step.

Final Deployment

Once all of the steps of the scope of work have been completed, reviewed, and repaired (if necessary), we will provide you with a final overview of all of the completed work and ask that you perform a final review for approval. Once you approve of the completed work, we will assist in the final product's transition to deployment.

Communication made easy

We believe good communication is absolutely vital to the success of any project and for this reason offer a variety of options for staying in touch and informed. Regardless of whether you prefer to communicate over the phone, through email, or video conferencing, we can easily accommodate your preference.

Code kept safe

If we are developing code or creating a new Symbiota portal as part of the scope of work for your project, we will ensure that the code for your project is safely stored and available through GitHub. New Symbiota portals will be stored as separate branches of Green Theory Studio’s Symbiota fork. Non-Symbiota code will be stored in separate repositories with the option of being public or private. We are also happy to accommodate any other code storage preferences you may have.

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