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From simple data support to complex web application development, everything we do is done at your guidance. We provide you with the technical expertise and professional experience to get your goals accomplished.

Symbiota Development

Looking to setup a new Symbiota portal but don't know where to start? You have come to the right place! We are the only development studio that specializes in Symbiota and our team has been working with the Symbiota project since its beginning. We can help you with anything from simply setting up a new portal to extending the Symbiota software to fit your project's needs. Also, we humbly believe our version of Symbiota is the best out there (see more below).

Hosting & Domain Management

Managing domain names and hosting can be excessively complicated for anyone who is not experienced, but is absolutely essential for running any website. Anywhere from setting up your site on a new host, to creating new email addresses, to managing DNS entries or SSL certificates, we will make sure everything is configured correctly so your site is running correctly.


Do you have an existing site that no longer runs the same way it used to? Maybe it needs updating and you don't know how? Websites require maintenance over time and if they are not properly maintained bugs and other issues can start occurring. We're here to help and can get your site updated, fixed, and back to running like new.

Data Support

Are you stuck with a data problem? We have lots of experience assisting in a variety of data issues ranging from simply accessing legacy data systems to mapping and converting whole database schemas. Let us know what your data needs are and we'll provide solutions.

Web Development & Design

Whether you're looking to setup a new WordPress site, or have a completely new web application in mind that you would like to see developed, we have you covered. Our team has the experience and know-how to help you with all of your web development needs.

Consulting & Training

Are you looking for guidance in planning a project? Or perhaps training in how to use different features in Symbiota? We provide consulting and training services to assist you in getting the information or training you need.

Interested in Symbiota?

Our version is awesome!

We have been developing our own version of Symbiota and are quite excited about how it has turned out. Our version is fully compatible with other Symbiota versions, and like the original, is completely open-source and free to use. It has all of the same functionality as the original Symbiota, but in addition features several improvements including:

  • easy installation using Composer
  • an updated and improved spatial mapping module
  • a complete conversion of all mapping systems to use the native spatial mapping module, so Google licenses are no longer needed
  • support for MySQL 8
  • support for Apache SOLR 8
  • improved security measures and a built-in captcha system making it secure out-of-the-box
  • an integrated search system allowing users to jump between text and spatial searches easily
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